Concordia International School Shanghai

Visitor’s Entrance:

345 Huangyang Road Pudong, Shanghai China 201206

访客入口:上海 浦东新区 黄杨路345号

+8621 5899 0380

Where can I find a doctor for expats in Shanghai?

Shanghai has exceptional, advanced medical facilities. The two best options for expats to access them are via a local hospital with foreigner wings or through a private provider. Your expat package should include medical insurance that covers the use of these facilities. 

The foreigner wings in the local hospital is an excellent, affordable option. You’ll receive care using state-of-the-art equipment in nice surrounding from doctors that are able to speak English. You’ll also avoid over-crowded waiting rooms. Private providers are definitely the best approach if your insurance package covers the cost. You can expect fees that are two to five times the amount of local hospitals and will rise quickly if you require serious treatment. However, you won’t find better health care anywhere else in the world. 

There are pharmacies everywhere in the city and offer almost everything available in North America plus more. In fact, many drugs that are prescription only in Western countries are available over the counter in China. There is also easy access to dental care and paramedical practitioners such a massage therapists, acupuncture, physiotherapists, and more.
 Note: the Shanghai version of 9-1-1 is 120. You’ll be taken to the nearest hospital and not the one of your choice. They’re unlikely to speak English so you’ll need to know some basic phrases and your address. 

Which Chinese banks are best for expats?

Shanghai is full of banks and financial institutions, some that Westerners are familiar with, such as HSBC. The biggest state-owned banks are Bank of China, China Merchants’ Banks, China Construction Bank, and ICBC. ATM’s are peppered throughout the city and debit and credit cards a widely accepted. However, smaller merchants at local markets may only accept cash.  

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Where do expatriates live in Shanghai?

This is not a simple answer as it depends on the lifestyle your family wants to live and how much of a commute the parents and/or children want. The most common housing is apartments with modern buildings being constructed all the time. There are certain neighborhoods created for expats and well-off locals. These compounds offer everything: playgrounds, tennis courts, health clubs, restaurants, shops, and nearby schools. Along with several other schools, Concordia International School Shanghai is located in a modern area of Pudong called Jinqiao. Many expats enjoy living here in single-family homes and apartment buildings. Each neighborhood in Shanghai offers a different flavor and level of immersion into Chinese culture. We suggest researching: 

  • The French Concession 
  • Jing’an and Zhongshan Park 
  • Xintiandi and People’s Square 
  • Xujiahui 
  • Hongqiao and Gubei 
  • Huacao and Xujing 
  • Jinqiao and Kangqiao 
  • Lujiazui and Century Park 

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